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Mission and Vision

At ColorRevolution, our mission is to revolutionize the way people experience and appreciate colors by providing insightful information, engaging content, and helpful resources. Our vision is to become the go-to online destination for color enthusiasts, designers, artists, and individuals looking to explore and understand the impact of colors in their lives.


Since its inception in 2007, ColorRevolution has been at the forefront of celebrating the significance and power of colors. Founded by the renowned color expert, Troy Powell, our company has grown and evolved over the years, consolidating its position as a trusted source for all things related to colors.

Founder – Troy Powell

Troy Powell, a seasoned professional in the field of color psychology, is the driving force behind ColorRevolution. With over two decades of expertise in color analysis, consulting, and brand image, Troy has guided countless individuals and businesses towards harnessing the transformative potential of colors in their respective domains. Troy’s dedication to colors and their influence on human emotions and behavior has led him to establish ColorRevolution as a platform to share his vast knowledge and provide valuable insights to users worldwide.

Website Creation

The decision to create the ColorRevolution website stemmed from the realization that the impact and application of colors in various spheres needed a dedicated and comprehensive platform. We understood the importance of building a singular, authoritative hub where anyone can learn about colors, browse inspiring ideas, and access expert advice conveniently.


Our website’s objective is to simplify the comprehension and integration of colors into everyday life. We aim to educate and inspire users by exploring the psychology, symbolism, and cultural significance behind different colors. Through captivating articles, curated visuals, and practical resources, we strive to assist both professionals and color enthusiasts in unlocking the immense potential colors hold in their personal and professional endeavors.

Target Audience

Our target audience comprises:

  • Designers seeking inspiration for their visual projects
  • Artists interested in enhancing their creative process through color exploration
  • Individuals wanting to understand the emotional impact of colors in their homes or personal style
  • Businesses looking to improve brand visibility, customer engagement, and brand perception through effective color choices
  • Students and educators hoping to incorporate the study of colors into their creative curriculum

Unique Value

At ColorRevolution, we take great pride in having a team of experienced and highly skilled editors, color analysts, and contributors supporting our platform. Each member of our team possesses a profound understanding of colors and a commitment to nurturing a positive color experience. By curating top-notch content and providing innovative tools, we offer a unique value that surpasses traditional knowledge dissemination platforms.

Join us on this vibrant journey of color exploration and let ColorRevolution transform the way you perceive and engage with colors. Together, we can celebrate the magnificence and infinite possibilities that lie within the world of colors.

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